Solar Batteries

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This document define the characteristics and requirement of flooded electrolyte type tubular Lead acid battery for solar PV system & portable power applications.

General Characteristics

The battery have a design life of 15 years when used in float service at 27'C in applications such as Telecommunications, UPS or standard power supply or solar PV system. The available amh hour capacities of the batters range from 6KSB 20 AH to 6KSB 200 AH in 12 volt Type.


  • Plate Configuration and Composition

    The 6KSB 12 volt type battery are design for tubular plate using 20 amp, 24 amp or 34 amp plates @ C10 HR. The positive greed are cast from a Antimonial Selenium lead alloy of 2.8% Antimonial. The negative greed are cast from 2.65% Antimonial Selenium lead alloy. The alloy of lead using virgin pure lead alloy. The greed are design for lowest internal resistance and best high rate performance. Active material of the both Plate are using pure virgin refined lead oxide making in our own factory ensure higher purity & longer life of the battery.

  • Container & Cover

    The 6KSB 12 Volt type battery container and Cover are made from transparent PP Plastic. The container and cover are sealed from automatic heat seal machine. Battery carrying handle are fated top of the cell cover. Generally collar of the container are white & cover are red.

  • Ceramic Vent cap

    The 6KSB 12 volt battery have a two type of vent cap One is that purpose when the electrolyte filling in the battery and carrying to the hill side the vent cap have no ventilation hole this vent cap call transportation vent cap. another is service vent cap this vent cape is the ceramic with water level checking scale. This vent cap also protect the lose of water when the battery charge & discharge.

  • Terminal

    The terminals of the 6KSB 12 volt type battery have nut bolt type terminal making 5% Antimonial lead alloy with 10 mm nut hole for carrying sufficient current capacity. The terminal have making of P for positive terminal & N for Negative Terminal with red & blue pant marking for the difference to identify the polarity.

  • Electrolyte

    The 6KSB 12 volt type battery used Specify gravity of 1.280. battery Grade Sulphuric Acid only. Put the acid up to the upper level of the container level marking. sufficient electrolyte is present in the cell to provide the full rate discharge capacity of the battery.

  • Seperator

    The 6 KSB 12 volt type battery using micro porous highly inert material of the PVC Silicon separator. The separator is resistant to oxidation & does not contain any organic material. The separator are between the Positive & Negative Plates & sufficient strength & thickness to prevent cell shorting.

  • Voltage

    The nominal voltage of the battery is 12 volts.

  • Float Voltage

    The float voltage for the 6KSB 12 volt battery shall be 2.28+/-0.01 volt per cell at 27'C.

  • Cyclic Service

    The 6KSB 12 volt type battery are design for both float & cyclic service for Solar PV or any other alternative energy deep cycle application. Actual battery life will depend on the depth & frequency of the cycles.

  • Charge / Equilization Voltage

    The recommended Equalization or Solar PV charge voltage is 2.4 to 2.5 volt per cell Depending on time available for the equalize, the depth of discharge and temperature of operation.

  • Initial Charge

    The 6KSB 12 volt type battery should be given an initial charge at 2.5 volt per cell at 27'C for 24 hours maximum upon installation after this time, The recommended float voltage shall be sued.

  • Terminal

    The terminal should be clean twice in a month with hot water and using petroleum jelly for protect corrosion.

The above sizes of battery cover by this specification are :

- 6KSB20/T1
- 6KSB45/T2
- 6KSB60/T3
- 6KSB72/T3
- 6KSB80/T4
- 6KSB100/T3
- 6KSB120/T5
- 6KSB150/T6
- 6KSB200/T8

Special Feature
  • Deep Cycle Design
  • Minimum Maintenance.
  • High Acid Volume Per Ampere hour.
  • 1200 Cycle life of Deep Discharge.
  • Suitable for minimum temperature -3oC & Maximum 50oC
  • Law Antimony Selenium lead alloy tubular Positive Plate & Pasted Negative Plate For added strength & Longer Life & high discharge performance.
  • Twice in a year topping up with Distilled Water.
  • Minimum Self Discharge.
  • High Charging efficiency minimizes Photovoltaic system Size.
  • P.P. Heat Seal container Prevent the Lack age & breakage of Container & Easy for Hill Side transportation.
  • No acid Fumes-Eco-Friendly.
  • Average 15 year life in Cycling Duty.

Initial Charging Instructions
  • Filling of Sulphuric Acid Specific gravity 1.26 at 27oC.
  • Rest Period 12 Hour.
  • Initial Charging current 12% of C10 capacity up to 14 V & then at 5% of C10 capacity up to 15 v.

Normal Recharging Instruction

  • Charge at constant current of 14% of C10 up to 15V or 2. 50 volt per cell.
  • Fully Charge specify Gravity of battery is 1.265
Performance Characteristics
  • Self Discharge :
    1.9% Per month at 10oC
    2.5% Per month at 20oC
  • Charging Efficiency :
    10% DOD - 6500 Cycles : Cycles Life 17.8 Years
    35% DOD - 3000 Cycle : Cycles Life 9.5 Year
    50% DOD - 2400 Cycle : Cycle Life 7.6 Year
    80% DOD - 1200 Cycle : Cycle Life 4 Year

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