Why Solar?
Sunshine Energy Pvt. Ltd. is a leading renewable energy company in Nepal, which supplies the highest quality solar products at an affordable rate. We have all kinds of alternative solar products and we are working for 14 years providing alternative energy services in Nepal. We target especially for the rural areas of Nepal, where people are usually living without light. Sunshine Energy Pvt. Ltd. provides Solar Home Systems, Institutional Solar Home Systems, Solar Tuki, another renewable energy system like Solar PV Water Pumping systems and many more. We also encourage people to use a sustainable solar energy system rather than traditional fossil fuels. Nepal is a developing country where all most half of the population are derived from the electricity facilities. We made a spontaneous relationship with the varied energy organizations which lies in the different areas of Nepal. Our mission is to use eco-friendly energy products and enhance the socio-economic standards of the people. In that way we strongly promote the use of green energy to preserve the earth and get a better future for tomorrow. We at Sunshine Energy Pvt. Ltd. provide various solar energy products for homes, businesses, recreational vehicles and also manufacture according to the needs of each customer and their budged. We are specialized in providing quality energy products. We have provided credit facility services in-order for smaller villages to at least have a chance to have sustainable and green energy. Our Primary motto is to provide quality Solar, alternative Energy products with the most cost-effective solar energy solutions and indirectly develop a financial situation of the rural villages. Sunshine Energy Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best companies for standard quality energy products.
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