Company Profile

Company profile

Established in 2004 (BS. 2061), Sunshine Energy Pvt. Ltd is one of the most successful private companies in Nepal. Situated in the Jaldharamarg, Samakhusi in Kathmandu Nepal, Sunshine Energy Pvt. Ltd is a solar energy suppliers company registered with the number of 30582/061-62 by the Government’s Company Registrar’s office. It is specialized in the professional and authentic alternative solar energy service providing business in Nepal. Since it's established, Sunshine Energy Pvt. Ltd. had authorized with the Nepali Rupees ten million (10,000,000) annual, however, at present, its turnover is dramatically changed with around seventy million rupees (70,000,000). In the beginning, our primary objective was to make access to the light for the remote villages and promote solar and renewable energy systems. At present, the company is a success to providing energy solar systems all around Nepal and cope with an increasing load shedding problem. With over 14 years of experience Sunshine Energy Pvt. Ltd has obtained successfully the pre-qualification for SHS, SSHS, ISOS, PVPS, and Micro Hydro up to 100 KW and the wind energy from AEPC/ESAP/NRREP. Recently it has also been honored by the Quality Austria with the ISO 9001:2015 certificate number.

Core Objective

At the initial phase, the primary focus of the company was to promote Solar Home Systems (SHS), an alternative energy sources for lighting. At present, the company get gradual success and targets to provide the solar energy sources in the various organizations (Solar Pumping, Electrifying Health Center, Schools), Government NGOs, INGOs and any community in Nepal. We are specialized for installing all kinds of the solar systems on a turnkey basis project including designing, manufacturing, installing and many more. Apart from solar energy, the company also installed Solar Mini Grids, SSE/ Peak Power J V, 25 KW Solar Mini Grids at Olane VDC 6/8 of Panchthar, Mechi Zone and many more. From this project around 70 houses are getting benefits of green and sustainable energy.


Sunshine Energy Pvt. Ltd has professional and experienced teams to provide high quality and standard alternative energy sources to the customers. Over 10 years, our team had contributed their efforts to make the company successful in these fields. So, the company has established its own clear vision of promoting alternative energy sources to the remote areas of Nepal at a reasonable price. In order to make our vision a success, we imported quality solar components through the global markets. We always try to establish a spontaneous relationship with the remote villages, in-order to educate and advise them on the best green energy solutions. We at Sunshine Energy Pvt. Ltd strongly believe in after-sales services and technical support to all our customers. As many of our valuable clients live in remote and not easily accessible locations, we perform always technicals visit for about 3 years after installation to check up and give technical assistance if needed. By doing this we not only improve our customer's relations but also improve our self as a company. As it is our main vision to provide excellent and affordable solar energy solution.


Sunshine Energy Pvt. Ltd has its own clear mission to preserve the environment and improve the socio-economic standards of the remote and urban people of Nepal. We will collect damaged batteries or outdated batteries from our clients and replace new batteries at a reasonable price. More or less Sunshine Energy Pvt. Ltd. has gained a good reputation and brand name by providing good and quality services to the people. Its primary focus is to provide full satisfaction to our valued customers.


Since the company was established, Sunshine Energy Pvt. Ltd. has gained a good reputation in the field of the solar energy systems. Firstly, it has gained lots of customers satisfaction through its services and financial successes. Financially it has grown dramatically over the last five years. The company has made Rs. 58,988,453 sales in the f/ year (2069/70) and in the following year (2070/71) it has made Rs. 62104277 sales. Similarly, in the f/ year (2071/72) the company has made the sales of Rs. 51672129 and its turnover was Rs. 87,776,333 and finally in the f/y 2073/74, the company was coming with a Rs 79,895,135.00 sales in turnover. At present, Sunshine Pvt. Ltd. has become successful to achieve a good reputation as well as financial achievements.

Location and Amenities

Sunshine Energy Pvt. Ltd is situated in the Ring Road, Samakhushi Kathmandu in Nepal. The building has 3 stories for office, and 2 stories for an extra warehouse with the professional and experienced altogether 14 qualified personnel. People usually can find the location of the company and have easy access to the office. We have all types of amenities including PABX Systems, computers, internet, and other facilities as well. The ground floor of the building is used for storeroom (raw materials and finished products), and warehouses production. The administrative and show-room is in the first floor and the MD/CEO’s office is situated on the top and rests two rooms in the top are used for electronic manufacturing, QC and product research.

Administration and Human Resources

Administration and Human Resources are two main key features to get success in business. Sunshine Energy Pvt. Ltd. is a leading company in Nepal and it is operating with the systematical management system. Without proper management, a company can’t achieve its success in this competitive world. Mr. Uttam Sitaula is the managing director (CEO) who has contributed his 22 years to organizing the business personnel and its resources to meet business goals and the objective. The right employees can help a business to achieve its goals cost-effectively. He handles managing human resources, operations management, financial management, marketing management, and other management. He has collected long experience in this field and got success along with other dedicated and professional staff of the office. Two of professional directors manages urban and rural marketing departments. We also have professional and experienced Electronic and Electric Engineer, Electrical Engineer Advisor. We have altogether 23 permanent professionals and skilled staff in all sectors. Sunshine Energy Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most famous companies in Nepal which has branches located in the various parts of Nepal including Surkhet, Itahari, and Rautahat.

Some of the huge and successful installation projects from our own source and under Institutional Solar Photovoltaic System (ISPS) program are as following;

  1. New Town Office Project, Khurkot, Sindhuli – Installation of 122 number of Street Light worth of Rs.11,055,400.00 Installation complete in May 2018.

  2. 25 KWP Solar Mini-Grid System for Olane VDC – 6 & 8, Olane, Panchthar District – SunShine Energy and Peak Power JV – Completed in May 2018.

  3. National Trust for Nature Conservation, Sauraha, Chitwan – 20 kVA with 10.08 KWP PV array - 2016.

  4. Dapcha Health Center, Dapcha, Kavre – 3 kVA with 1.6 kWp PV Array and Solar Vaccine Refrigerator - 2012.

  5. ADRA Nepal Head Office, Sanepa – 16 kVA System with 4.56 KWP PV array - 2016.

  6. ACME Pvt. Ltd., - Ichangu, Kathmandu - 5.7 kW/p PV arrays - 2012.

  7. Dissemination of Solar Home System under Asian Development Bank Fund worth of US$ 100,000 in 2016.

  8. WWF Nepal, Kathmandu – 6 kVA Outback Inverter with 5 KWP PV array -2014.

  9. National Dairy Development Board, Harihar Bhavan – 8 kVA Inverter with 5 kWp PV Array.

  10. District Development Committee, Manang – 8 kVA stackable inverter (UMA4K x 2) with 2.28 KWP PV array

  11. Few Solar Street Lights;

    1. District Development Committee Surkhet – 78 Nos. of Solar St. Light.

    2. Bharatpur Solar Street Light, Narayanghat, Chitwan.

    3. Bharatpur Sub Metropolitan City –129 Nos. of Solar St. Light.

    4. Chireshwor Municipality, Dhanusha – 40 Nos. of Solar St. Light

    5. Dhanusha Dham Municipality, Dhanusha - 24 Nos. of Solar St. Light

  12. Few Institutional Solar Photovoltaic System (ISPS Program under AEPC- Nepal Government) – 2013-14.

  1. Gumdi Health Post – Dhading – Stand-alone Solar Power System with 2.2 kVA Solar Inverter and 1.9 kW/p PV Array

  2. Shanti Higher Secondary School – Dailekh – Stand-alone Solar Power System with 3 kVA Solar Inverter and 2.28 kW/P PV Array

  3. Shree Apipath Pradarshak Madhyamik Bidhyalaya - Darchula – Stand-alone Solar Power System with 3 kVA Solar Inverter and 2.85 kW/P PV Array.

Some of the big and successful installation project from our own source and under Photovoltaic Solar Pump System (PVPS) program;

  1. WSSDO RSDWP, Hangoom, Panchthar – 12 kW PV Array Water Lifting 30000 L - 250-meter Head - 2017

  2. BajhwaBagar RSDWP, Chautara, Sindhupalchok – 24.96 kW/P PV Array, 336 Meter Head, – 55000 liters - 2018.

  3. Machhaini RSDWP, Pakhapani 9, Rolpa –4 kW/P PV Array, Head 341-meter, 6400 liters

  4. Jordhara Bhanjyang RSDWP, Ivang 9, Ilam – 3.42 wp PV array, Head 295 Meter -6873 liters - 2017.

Warranty and After-Sale Service

Sunshine Energy Pvt. Ltd. provides warranty and after sales services throughout Nepal. All the branches have qualified, skilled and professional Engineers, Technicians certified by the CTEVT. The further information please visit our website and contact us or email us.

Available numbers: 977-1- 01-4353538, 4383095, 4383096 & 016212444 Fax number: 977-1-4355347

E-mail Address:

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Principals / Founders:

Uttam Sitaula

Chief Executive Officer



Jaldharamarg, Samakhusi, Kathmandu. GPO 23238 Phone: 00977 01 6212444, 4353538, Fax: 0097714355347




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